Exhibition: “Black Dress: Ten Contemporary Fashion Designers”

February 7, 2014–April 26, 2014, Pratt Manhattan Gallery

The Black Dress exhibit allows communities to experience the innovative artistry of Black designers, stylists, models, and writers, whose brilliance has played a substantial part in the development of one of the world’s largest industries.  The exhibit not only exhibits their creativity – but it provokes awareness on their triumphs and accomplishments as working professionals in the fashion industry.  The exhibit will give a visual platform to the roles and significance of Blacks in the fashion industry.  This project will provide a forum for conversations between those that have cultural similarities and experiences and those with an appreciation for this art form. 

The Black Dress exhibit is an unprecedented endeavor to coalesce a diverse array of contemporary design styles that inform and educate audiences on the commemorative work of Black designers.   This exhibit not only serves as a response to the underrepresentation of Blacks in mainstream fashion industry, but it also provides a dynamic display, visibly emphasizing and celebrating the works emanating from the Black fashion community of the 21st century.

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Image Credit: M. Alexander Weber

Image Credit: M. Alexander Weber